Frequently Asked Questions

Why Seashells?

What is Seashells?

Seashells is a savings and rewards program that gives you an easy way to save and earn FREE money to shop. We enable you to automatically earn rewards for every credit card and debit card purchase, regardless of where or how much. Unlike store specific rewards programs, Seashells allows you to redeem your rewards at ANY retailer or merchant in the Seashells network.

How does Seashells work?

Users connect their credit and debit cards to Seashells by signing in with their bank user name and password; this allows us to track your transactions. Seashells then virtually rounds up each of your credit and debit card transactions to the next dollar. Users then link one credit or debit card they would like to use to fund their round ups (Transfer Method). Once a user accumulates a certain amount in round ups (ex. $20), that amount is transferred from the Users' Transfer Method to their Seashells account. Seashells then automatically gives you a free 15% bonus (ex. If you save $100, Seashells will give you a free $15). You can then instantly redeem your Seashells balance for a gift card at any of the Retailers in the Seashells network. The gift card is redeemable right from within the Seashells app and you can then choose to redeem the gift card in store or online (depends on the Retailer).

What makes Seashells different?

The Seashells savings and rewards program is a shoppers dream: no effort required, earn rewards on every credit and debit card purchase, and get more rewards than most other credit card or store reward programs – and all rewards are redeemable right from within the Seashells mobile app (in-store or online).

Opening an account

What do I need to get started?

After you install the free Seashells app, all you'll need to do to start saving and earning free money is:

  • Sign-in with your online banking account (you can add multiple banks)
  • Add your transfer method (this is the credit or debit card you want to use to transfer round ups to your Seashells account)

What's involved in the sign-up process?

We've kept the sign-up process as painless as possible. 1) Simply sign up with Facebook, Google, or provide your email address and choose a secure password; 2) Sign into your online banking accounts; 3) Add a transfer method.

What happens if I delete the Seashells App from my device, or get a new phone?

Seashells operates in the cloud and your account and Seashells balance (including free bonus) are safe even if you delete the app or get a new phone or device. Automatic round-ups and recurring charges will still be processed even if the Seashells app is not currently installed.

My app is crashing immediately when I open it. What should I do?

If the app crashes immediately when you open it, there is an issue with the local data and you will need to delete and reinstall the app. Don't worry; all of your information will be there after you reinstall the app. Please feel free to visit or e-mail us at if this problem persists.

Can I close my account at any time?

You can do this in one of two ways. 1) You can click the Deactivate button located in the Settings of the application. 2) You can contact us at Please write "Close My Account" as the subject of the e-mail to receive faster assistance to complete the account closure. Please note that uninstalling the app does not close your Seashells account, nor does it cancel any pending or scheduled transactions from your transfer method into your Seashells account.

My Rewards

How do I redeem my rewards?

Seashells will provide a list of all retailers currently on the Seashells platform. Users are free to choose whichever retailer they would like to redeem their Seashells balance at. A user can also specify how much they would like to redeem at each specific retailer. Users can then redeem their rewards in-store or online directly from the Seashells app.

Where else can I redeem my balance?

Seashells also allows you to donate your balance to charity through Charity Choice. This donation is 100% tax deductible. You can find more info at

How do I add funds to my Seashells account?

To fund your Seashells account, you first link your banking accounts that you would like us to track (credit or debit) and then Seashells will virtually round up the spare change from every transaction. These round-ups are then automatically transferred from your Transfer Method into your Seashells account once you accumulate $20 in round-ups. Round-ups can be viewed on the "round-ups" screen of the app.

Note: These transactions may appear on your bank statement as 'Seashells'.

Is there risk involved with my Seashells account?

None. The 15% free bonus that you earn is guaranteed, and is not taken from any of your accounts. Seashells is giving you the 15% bonus money for free.

How much will I save and earn with Seashells?

The average user saves about $40 and earns an additional $6 every month. So $46 in total each month.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Can I withdraw my money whenever I want?

Once your money is transferred into your Seashells account, it can only be redeemed at a participating retailer in the Seashells network. Your balance cannot be withdrawn for cash.

Can I change my transfer method?

Yes. If you wish to change your transfer method, you must first add a new transfer method, and then unlink your current transfer method.

Is there a charge or fee for using Seashells?

No there are no fees to use the app. Using Seashells is completely free.

Why is there a charge from Seashells on the Transfer Method I provided?

The way Seashells works is that we track your transactions and virtually round up purchases to the next whole dollar and set aside the spare change for you (Ex. spend $3.20: it gets rounded up to $4; $0.80 gets set aside for you). The Round Ups (ex. $0.80) is what gets transferred to your Seashells account. You then automatically are given an additional 15% on top of your savings (Ex. save $100 in round ups; earn $15 in rewards; have $115 total in your Seashells account). So Round Up’s do get transferred into your Seashells account from whatever credit/debit card or bank account you decide to use as your transfer method, but this isn’t a fee or charge – this is just transferring your savings to Seashells and storing the money for you to use when you're ready – this is what enables us to provide the 15% bonus on top of what you save.


Why does Seashells need my bank login information?

You can monitor your spending and savings through the app. To access this data, you'll need to provide your online banking login information. However, this information is not stored and is not viewable by Seashells—it's simply used to import your spending activity. This will not enable money to be transferred from your bank account.

Does Seashells store my bank login information on their servers?

No. Seashells does not store your bank login information.

How do I protect my Seashells account?

You should choose a difficult-to-guess password and store it in a secure location.

What happens if one of my linked cards is lost or stolen?

You can unlink the card from your Seashells account. This can be done in the Manage Accounts section. You can also always add new/additional cards to your Seashells account.


What are round-ups?

A "round-up" is the virtual spare change captured from rounding up a transaction to the nearest dollar (ex. If you purchase something for $2.25, the transaction would be virtually rounded up to $3 and the round up amount would be $0.75). When you link a credit or debit card to your Seashells account, we track and virtually round up the spare change from your transactions and provide you an easy and automatic way to save it, as well as earn money back on those savings. Your round ups will be viewable right in the app. Simply choose which retailers you would like to redeem your accumulated round ups and savings bonus at when ready.

Where does the round up money come from?

Round up funds come from the transfer method (credit card, debit card, etc.) that you choose as a funding source for Seashells. If you connect multiple credit or debit cards, then all of your round ups will still come from only the connected and active transfer method (known as the funding source). For example, if you spend $3.50 using your credit card then that $.50 round-up will eventually come out of your transfer method card when your accumulated round-ups reach $20.

Is there a limit on the number of cards I can use for round-ups?

No. You can link as many cards as you like.

Will there be a round-up on even amounts of money?

If the transaction is a whole dollar amount (e.g. $15.00), your account will be rewarded with a free $0.01 in bonus shells.

How does tipping at a restaurant affect round-ups?

Round-ups are based on final amounts charged to your card, including tips.

Gift Cards

Where can I redeem my eGift Card?

You can redeem your eGift Card either online or in-store (for most merchants). Check the details on your eGift Card for terms and conditions of that particular merchant.

Can an eGift Card be returned?

Once an eGift Card is purchased, it may not be returned.

Once I claim my eGift Card, how quickly can I use it?

Typically, eGift Cards can be used immediately after they are claimed (individual merchant policies may apply).

Will an eGift Card expire?

eGift Cards that are purchased generally have no expiration date unless stated in the specific terms for a given eGift Card. However, promotional cards that have no additional value must be claimed within a specified time period, as defined in the individual card terms. If unclaimed within the specified time period, they will no longer be available.

Referral Program

How does the referral program work?

For each friend you refer who successfully signs up for Seashells (ex. links a bank and transfer method), you will each get $2 added to your Seashells account!

How can I refer a friend?

You can refer friends right from the Seashells app via text message, email, Facebook or twitter. We also provide you with your unique referral code on the “Invite Friends” screen. You can use this code to invite friends any way you’d like.

How does my friend enter his referral code?

If your friend signs up via email, they can enter your unique referral code right on the sign up screen.
If your friend signs up via Facebook or Google, they can enter your unique referral code on the “Settings” page of the app.